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Hi guys so my journey in to property has taken a bit of a wild one, I am now managing about 5 properties with some family members and need advice on best way to insure them going forward.

As the properties are in different names (all one family) would putting all the properties under a SPV be a good option in terms of getting discount for all being under same name?

If not who would you recommend for several insurance deals (2 properties per person)? Had a little look online but as always I try to get the opinions of the guys in here.

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The properties can only be insured by their respective owners so combining all 5 properties would not be an option unless ownership is also changed to the same person or company. This would not be worth it for just for a potential insurance discount.

In our experience trying to insure two properties together is not going to generate too much of a discount if any. I would recommend treating each property separately and if you find that the best quote is coming back with the same insurer/broker for both of them, contact said insurer/broker and enquire about combining for a discount. Even if no discount available, combing would reduce the administration to just one policy and renewal each year.


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I had the experience of insuring two properties, but each was insured separately. It cost me a lot of money in terms of coverage. The insurers were very stingy. While we were trying to do insurance for both properties, they suggested we buy two separate insurance policies and renew them separately. In my opinion, insuring two combined properties could be cheaper than insuring two separate ones. I think the profitability of this is worth considering based on your particular situation and insurance offer.

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