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Looking for a reliable solicitor who can work quick to complete a purchase before Christmas

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Hi everyone, 

I'm ready to proceed on a purchase that I am keen to have completed before Christmas (let's say 19th Dec max to bring it to exactly two months from now).

Does anyone recommend a reliable solicitor that could complete all services quickly? Ideally someone who you have had experience working with under a tight deadline. 

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Your problem isn't just your solicitor, it's the seller's. If they haven't got all the necessary information and are slow providing it, there's not a lot you can do. Add in if it's a leasehold property, you can have all sorts of problems with the leaseholder - our last purchase (and old terrace) took a month longer than expected because no one could get the leaseholder to confirm they were paying the head lease and technically, the row of houses could have been taken by the land owner if they hadn't. Considering the ground rent is £1.35 a year... If you're using a mortgage, you can some more complexity into that.

There was an interview with a solicitor on the podcast a few weeks back, would be worth a listen. Think she said she'd completed on one within a few days, but two months would be more normal, so your timescales should work.


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It is possible to forego the searches and purchase an indemnity instead. Speeds things up considerably, but you must do your due diligence. Check that your lender would agree, some will, some won't. You can also assess flood risk, mining risk etc online yourself before deciding.

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