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Hi, I've got a question about joint venture finance if anybody could help me? I'm buying a large flat to refurbish then sell. I am thinking of going in as a joint venture to help with finances. If i put in one third of the money and my partner puts in 2 thirds but I do most of the buying, refurb and selling, then we split the profit 50:50 does that sound reasonable to both of us (I would also be employing my husband for some of the work thus earning some income along the way)?

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Sounds reasonable, but no use asking us on a forum, ask your JV partner! Is your husband 'qualified' or experienced with refurbs? Is the JV partner comfortable with your husband's standard of work? If so, then happy days. 

As long as you're both aware of the responsibilities of who's contributing what to the investment, both in terms of money and sweat, then there'll be no quarrels at the end. Be sure to document the agreement. 

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Thanks Dennis and Derek for highlighting the need for formal agreement to include every possible event. I have included all bills in deal. I will put it to partner and negoiate from there. Thanks again. KN


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