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Landlord Insurance for Multiple Properties

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Hi There Fellow Landlords,

i’m looking for some advice. My landlord insurance is up for new renewal. Two of my properties will require building insurance and a further two do not require a building insurance so cover will only be for damage etc etc. I would like if possible to put all my properties on one insurance policy. I would appreciate any advice that people have to offer from their own experiences. Is it worth insuring the two properties that do not require building insurance (building insurance is handled by the management company) what are the pitfalls if I do not?  Thank you

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I have a number of properties in my limited company which are on the same policy so one renewal date which makes admin more straight forward. A good broker should be able to advise. I have used Alan Boswell for the last few years - they are very good.

They are all houses though so have buildings insurance. 

David M Slater ACMA 
Accufy Accounting
01946 552801


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