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Hi Everyone,


My name is Joe and I am new to the PropertyHub forum. After spending some time scrolling through the site I haven't had much joy in finding any information on my topic for whatever reason.


I am in a position where I am looking to start flipping property and what really attracts me is converting 2/3 bed bungalows into 4/5 beds, by the means of extensions/dormers etc. 


Really I am looking for advice on what the costs of these projects might be. I am aware that it will completely vary property to property. However even just rough estimates would be of massive help. Things such as a new roof/or dormer, single story extension, rendering, plastering, new staircase. 


My thinking is that there will be a large amount of people on here who have undergone similar work and any advice would go a long way! 


Also anybody who has undergone similar projects perhaps this would be a great place to showcase some of the work with before/after pics?




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Hi. I'm not sure on the costings but I'd question the model. Its quite a specific plan to look for 2 and 3 bed bungalows to convert them to 4 and 5 beds.

Who is the target market? Is there a chance the return on investment / profit would be higher leaving them as them as they are? Have you asked an estate agent about it?

You would have to find the bungalow, compete against generally elderly people who are cash buyers, get the footprint/land that allows you to do the extension, and then find someone who wants a 5 bed bungalow...

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