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Accountants in Leicestershire

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Hi guys, I’m looking at investing in a buy to let in Leicestershire (possibly a joint venture) and I would like to speak to an accountant about the possibility of splitting the rental income between myself and my wife (or potential joint venture partner) or any other alternatives to prevent losing too much tax. 

If anyone has got any recommendations for decent accountants with plenty of buy to let experience, then I’d be really grateful if you could let me know.


Thanks in advance 

Tom Bailey 

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Not Leicester based but lots of BTL experience and happy to have a chat and answer any initial questions you have. You can drop me an email to jerome@taxantics.co.uk or call 01276600990 during office hours (8-6 M-F) or visit our website (taxantics.co.uk) and make contact that way. All the best, Jerome





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