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North Manchester vs South Manchester

Tom Lampel

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Looking to invest in 3 Bed House in Manchester, prefer capital growth potential over strong yields. Anyone with more in depth local knowledge of the market, aware that north is generally seen as poorer and less "trendy" compared to some areas in the South.  Having researched a bit, Whitefield/Prestwich in the North appeared to be in demand in both rental and sales market, prices have also gone up in the alst few years. Whitefield has great transport links to City, It is however surrounded by less desirables areas.

On the other side, areas still affordable and similairly priced within my budget, is Hazel Grove and areas around Stockport. Hazel Grove is on the border with highly sought areas such as Bramhall , but transport links less impressive.

Any tips for these or other areas that are likely to benefit from good capital growth and are the next up and coming areas , similiar to what places like Altrincham and Chorlton achieved in just over a decade.

All comments will be appreciated.

Thank you

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We live in Manchester and have some of our portfolio here, so hopefully can help.

You're generally right about the northern (and eastern) side of the city. That's not to say there aren't nice areas or houses, but in general more terraces and lower capital growth. There's no particular reason for that and there are some really good transport links, with a couple of tram lines and local access to the M60. They just always seem to lag in the cycle for some reason, so you'll get better yields but potentially less growth.

Whitefield and Prestwich are generally good areas, fairly affluent. If you then continue around the western side into Worsley, bits of Salford and most of Trafford, you'll find the higher prices and potentially better growth, as long as it's not too late. Urmston has really grown over the last couple of years, led by a lot of independent bars and restaurants in the small town centre and is now close to the likes of Sale and Timperley in prices. 

In terms of potential growth areas, my two tips would be Stretford and Miles Platting.

Starting with Stretford, it's in Trafford, so you get the grammar schools and bits of it are really well connected with the tram and main roads into the city centre. There's also been a lot of work to the shopping centre, including a food hall which is likely to be very popular if we ever get to leave the house again. As the city centre expands, Stretford is between the flats that'll claim to be city centre and the likes of Urmston, Sale and Chorlton.

Miles Platting would be my gamble. Definitely don't buy anything that's more than 12 months old, as it's probably earmarked for demolition but if you can find something new build, you MAY get growth. It's currently an area you'd probably avoid, but there's huge plans for new housing, so there's a risk of both over supply and not having the latest trendy house, but also that the values will all rise as the area is redeveloped. It's also the area the city will expand into from the Northern Quarter. Best way to find out about the plans are on the Manctopia program from a couple of months ago.

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Hi Dino,

Thank you for the input, that is very helpful.

Agree that the yields in the north are more attractive and capital growth not so much in general, but thats one of reaosns I looked at Whotefield, as looking at prices they have gone up well, similiar to the south.

Been to Urmston few times and agree completely, unfortuantely I think the time to get there was few years ago.

Appreciate the other tips , Stretford is the obvious choice in terms of its location and good transport.

It was my thinking for Hazel Grove as an area on the border of Bramhall and Cheadle, with at least train station and the prospect of Metrolink expansion.

Whitefield I was attracted due to many new indepedent cafes and bars that opened up in recenet years and strong demand from professionals.

Thanks for your tips and clearly good local knowledge.



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