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Selling without a fire cladding certificate - doable?

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Hi all, 

TLDR: Would a cash investor care about the lack of a FSW1 fire cladding form if it's in progress?

I own a 2 bed apartment in Stevenage bought before the Grenfell tragedy and the focus on cladding.

It's a five storey building (ground floor apartment) that is in the process of obtaining the FSW1 form (think that's right) to confirm the cladding is safe.

Right now this is an insanely long process likely to take another 6 months or so. there's only a few test labs in the UK all are backed up.

Ideally I'd like to sell due to a change in personal situation.

Mortgage companies would need this form (it's blocked a remortgage of my own).

My question is whether it's remotely likely that a cash investor would be interested in buying in the current situation without this form/assurance being available?


My assumption is not but I'm not in that situation so thought I'd ask,

Any thoughts?



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