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Expat investor new to UK property market

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Hi everyone. I am new to propertyhub and I must say I'm loving all the resources and willingness of experienced investors to share their knowledge. I would just like to introduce myself. I am 32 years old, from South Africa, and looking to invest in UK property. My goal is to generate wealth in the long term with good property investments. Properties that are easy to manage and would generate good capital growth in the long term. The areas that most interest me are Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and London. What would my best strategies involve..professional lets and buying off-plan? I would be most grateful for any advice. 

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I always think simple 2-3 bed terraced houses in a good area with prospects of capital growth is a good way to start out. The beauty of BTL is that you can easily outsource the management to a trusted agent and it is cost effective to do so. A less hands on strategy such as this will be better for an out of country landlord I would suggest.

I have‘t invested in anything off plan to be honest. I know of someone who did and lost their deposit due to the developer not completing the project. I have heard other stories of this too. It is a strategy to take care around I think. So much can happen between you putting down your deposit and the development being finished, such as developer going bust or the housing market turning. Proceed with caution.

David M Slater ACMA 
Accufy Accounting
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Hi there

Thanks for introducing yourself, and welcome to the forum!

I know you've said you're just getting started, and this blog all about finding out what kind of investor you are is vital when you're beginning your journey; https://propertyhub.net/beginners-investment-property/

It's key to define your goals before making any huge decisions while investing, and the above resource will be useful in figuring out what those are :)


Mark Rocks
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