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My tenants are sub letting

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Hi Guys


I recently got contacted by my tenant about mould growth and upon visiting the property I found that there were more people living there than on the AST. 

The property is a two bed flat and I let it to a couple in February on a 6 month AST which is now a rolling tenancy but have discovered there are 4 adults and a young child living there, no doubt this is contributing to the moisture that caused the mould. 

I will get advice from a solicitor to be sure I comply with the law but wondered if anyone has been in this situation before to give me advice. 

There is an article 4 direction locally and I do not want to change the use to HMO so am pretty sure I can't just change the AST so feel the only option is to ask the lodgers to leave. Does this need to be done in the same way as if I were evicting a tenant or can I just ask them to leave?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated


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This is very common. You have 2 choices:

  • Evict the tenants via Section 8 notice. Just be aware that your new tenant will pay a lot less rent in the current market
  • Turn a blind eye. You haven't done anything wrong. It's your tenant that hasn't complied with the contract


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