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Hi all.

I currently have 2 BTL both tenanted and doing OK. I've recently been extremely lucky to get a windfall of 129k 

I was working freelance but I've stopped that ATM to focus on a property strategy. I have two in mind

I live up North so my goal is to initially replace an income 1600/2k will be enough for me then in 5/8 years assess any equity for refinance etc. 

The two strategies I'm thinking is 

1) buy cash 80k ish refurb, refinance and pull as much as possible

2) buy 3 off the peg ready to rent and get the cash coming in.

I know the pros to recycling cash but with the current Covid' situation, lenders, surveyors all playing different games and me not actually working would I be better trying to get 3 now which would help me get the 1600 mark income.

I'm 48, not saying I'll never work again but would like to give this a good shot now.


Thanks all

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Interesting dilemma. Just regarding “ help me get the 1600 mark income”. I would be fascinated to see your figures as purchasing three properties as a BTL would possibly give a cash flow of £250-£325 per property and as I’m sure you are aware as you have other BTL you need a contingency pot for boilers, maintenance etc. At your age I would go for the BRRR strategy but it is more risky as you aware of than vanilla BTL. Good luck and keep in contact with your progress by connecting on Insta @jaysar_property

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You say that in time, you'd like to assess equity for refinance, but you'll be buying low value stock which is less likely to see a capital gain, so for me, better to recycle your cash as many times as you can and keep going. 

If you can buy BMV with cash and get it all out when you refinance (infinite ROI), it doesn't matter if your cashflow on a property is low, because you can keep going until you get to where you need to be.

Then if there is a rise in property value, it's a brucey bonus! 

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Strategy 1 is what I would choose. 

You mentioned you have taken a break from your 9-5 to concentrate on property, so if you have the time available, go for the BRRR. In the long run you'll benefit from greater capital gains if you're buying distressed properties and adding value. One good deal could outweigh many months of true profit on the rental income. 


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