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First time buyer - maisonette and no Service Charge / no Factor

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Good day all.
I hope this question is for this Advice section. 

At the start I want to tell that I'm a first time buyer so my knowledge about the process and what and when is hmm... first buyer level :) close to zero.
Soon I will become owner of a nice maisonette with a garden (there are two flats -single floor- above me). And part of the duties regarding the flat and garden is clear for me. But when I start reading about maintaining building in what maisonette is part of, that is create more then one questions. 
I asked my solicitor about Service Charge for this flat. In my common sense there must be something like that. Of course I don't have access to the common section of the building like the staircase, but my flat is part of this same building and me and all neighbors will be living under this same roof. So monthly Service Charge will fix that question. But yesterday I got a response from the solicitor that there is no Factor for this flat and I need adequate buildings insurance. I spent the evening and today morning trying to find an explanation why there is no Factor (even if in Title Information is the section where owners of buildings became Factor) and what this information meant for me. I sent a question to my solicitor but I decided to ask also on this forum. Maybe someone can explain me this (probably silly) question in normal language not law language:)

Who is responsible for fixing e.g. gutters or roof problem in building with no Factor (so probably no Service Charge) ? Its a large building, maybe 24 flats.
How in that case will be look payment for repairs (e.g. painting/renovation of building walls, roof) for me as owner of the flat? 

Thank you all for any advice or opinion. 

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It all depends on the wording of your lease. If it says that you have no service charge obligation, then so be it. Your solicitor is the expert and should have the right information

Maybe the other flats pay service charge

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