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Books on stock market trading


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Hello all, 

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations as regards the basics of stock market trading? Preferred if it was UK biased however that’s not essential as I’m sure the principle remains. 

Im considering either:

Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns

I was wondering  if anytime had read one of the following books or open to alternative suggestions  

Thank you in advance  


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3 hours ago, afcbbroker said:

If you're a complete newbie to the stock market then give The Naked Trader books a go, i think its called 'how anyone can make money in the stock market', it's a great starting point.. easy to digest. There's also a podcast called 'Naked Money' and AJ Bell have one called 'Money & Markets', give them both a listen

Thanks mate. Yeah I’ve had a listen to the podcast “Naked money” i thought it was pretty good and that’s what actually made me find his book!  Have you read the naked trader book?

 I’ll give the other podcast a listen too, thanks for the recommendation! 

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On 11/26/2020 at 4:49 PM, dino v said:

Both American, but read JL Collins Simple Path to Wealth and then a more recent one, Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. 

Not strictly trading, but excellent on stock market investments

I've just started listening to Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel on audible and so far really good! 

Thank you for the suggestions! 

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I also read The Art of Execution. This book helped me to understand the basics of trading. I am currently engaged in cryptocurrency trading. I want BTC payments to be available to everyone today. It would be very convenient for me. Of course, not everyone wants to do mental calculations, calculating how many dollars in bitcoins a product costs, but I'm okay with arithmetic. For example, I could buy something for a certain amount of winnings on the Internet, which I transfer to cryptocurrency. I believe this is the right way of investing. By the way, I didn't know about Compass, so I'm going to explore as much information about this company as possible. Thank you for your comment.


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I've read Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and it was a long read, mainly due to it being American (lots of companies I've not heard of) and written a while back (they have added new commentary chapters to bring it up to modern times now, depending on which edition you get hold of).

Similarly, Beating the Street by Peter Lynch.

Both worth reading as the fundamentals are still appropriate.

Investing To Save The Planet: How Your Money Can Make a Difference by Alice Ross was an interesting read, for a different look on investing.

I also listen to the Naked Money and the Motley Fool Money podcasts . Will give the AJ Bell one a listen now as well, so thanks afcbbroker.

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