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HMO and Lodgers Agreements

tuhin imam

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I'm in the turning my house into an HMO.  I currently have two lodgers as well as living there myself.  I have done all the work regarding fire doors, alarm systems and am in the process of turning the living room and study into bedrooms and applying for an HMO license.

My two lodgers currently have a license (A lodgers house share agreement).  Ideally I would like to keep the lodgers on a house share license agreement and have the same for two new lodgers.

My local rent officer has suggested that because I will have more than two lodgers, I need to put them all on individual room ASTs when their agreements need to renew.  Is that actually the case?  Is there legislation or other regulations that say that you can only have two people on lodgers agreements?

I have searched the internet and found questions and articles saying the once you have more than two lodgers you have to apply for an HMO license.  But they don't make any comment about whether you need to change your rental agreement.

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