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Do builders come to viewings?


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I know it’s a lot to ask of a builder to come to a viewing especially if I haven’t worked with them before and considering there is no guarantee that my offer will get accepted but does this happen? If so, how is the best way to approach this? 

My strategy is to BRRR yet I have no experience in refurbs. I’ve found a ‘smelly’ property that is ripe for a refurb but how do I make sure there is no major structural damage or other issues which may pop up once my offer has been accepted? Is there any way to mitigate these risks prior to putting in an offer? 

Thanks to this wonderful forum and all its knowledgable participants! 

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Well, if someone paid for my time and expertise I would come to a viewing. I've been refinancing and rebuilding property for nearly 20 years. I understand all aspects, from the drains to the roof, electrics, central heating. £45 an hour within 15 miles of Southampton plus costs of travel. Or near Ringwood.

If you need to see pictures of what I've developed you are more than welcome, from £100k to £950k. I enjoy what I do. Would I then carry out the works, well, I'm going to be finished on my current refurb in about Feb. and if we get on, then I might consider it. It's really down to us getting on.

I really enjoy every aspect of property renovation from ripping out to final finishing touches.


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Hey @pauldavidthomas it looks like you're exactly the person I'm looking for but I'm focusing on Liverpool as my investment area. I'll be sure to recommend you to any of my firends looking to invest in Southampton.

If there is anyone in Liverpool who enjoys property renovation as much as @pauldavidthomas does then please do get in touch.

Happy to pay for your time and expertise.


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As much as I enjoy property, liverpool is perhaps a little bit of a jaunt for me :-) However, the houses and problems, esp. in normal housing stock will be pretty much the same ! However, with houses you kinda need to see / feel / smell a house and look up and down the road to be able to really assist someone.



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