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Hello all, hope this is the right place. I thought it would fit with the expertise of the sub-group.

Looking at a property for cash purchase:


As it happens, I was looking at another property in the area with a very similar design. I managed to obtain some of the information for that property. There was one concerning material: Single Ply Mechanically Fixed FR/ALU. https://www.xtratherm.com/products/fr-alu/

"Xtratherm FR/ALU is a high performance Polyisocyanurate flat roof insulation with vapour-tight aluminium foil facings suitable for use with single ply membranes. FR/ALU is part of the comprehensive range of Xtratherm’s high performance flat roof boards providing total solutions for flat roof projects."

The walls seem to be covered in two materials:

The grey sheet metal is "Euroclad Vieo Roof Systems" material https://www.euroclad.com/roofs/vieo-roof-profile/
The brick material is "Wienerberger Caldera Red multi facing", I am assuming some kind of plastic https://www.jewson.co.uk/p/wienerberger-caldera-red-multi-65mm-BRICK535

From the look of the building shared above, assuming the materials are similar, what is the level of concern with regards to cladding fire risk and the likelihood that remedial works will be necessary?

Is it possible that the walls contain the Xtratherm material? Or some other concerning material other than concrete?

If remedial work would be necessary, any idea of rough costs?

Thank you so much.


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