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comparision site/tool for BTL for SPV company?


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Hi All,

I am very new to BTL world. have recently setup SPV for BTL business. I have hired Mortgage Advisor but also wants to learn some from my side.

Is there any specific website for BTL for SPV company.

I came across some comparision sites for BTL I believe these applies more to BTL in person name (i.e. not in SPV's name). And these rates seems to have got very good in recent days.



Is there specific comparision like these ones for BTL for SPV?

Thanks in advance.



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Can second Ryan's recommendation for Cyborg finance although have only used the brokers (Alfie Tennant is the one I use) rather than the mortgage search tool.

I use lendlord which lets you put in details of your portfolio and prospective purchases to see what deals might be out there.

I think search tools like this are useful to get a flavor for what might be available but it probably wont be the same as having a good relationship with a broker who knows your circumstances and knows what might be available that is suitable for you.

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There's an app called 'Buy to Let' for Android, so I assume similar for Apple. Provides rates for various BTL options, including for SPVs.

Good to see what costs generally are, but none of the online app type things give you the support of an actual broker if something goes wrong during the process.

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I would be weary of comparison sites. Every lender has different rules.

* Some lenders dont like properties above commercial

* Some lenders have a minimum income

* Some lenders dont like portfolio landlords

You need a  good broker to find a product that fits your circumstances





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