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Have you got any questions for a chartered surveyor?

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We've got an interview with experienced chartered surveyor and RICS registered valuer James Brooks, in the next issue of the mag.

Of course, we want to get any insights you'd like to get from James, so this is your opportunity to tell us what questions you'd like the answer to.

Maybe you want to know more about the surveying process, or are interested in the defects that surveyors look out for? Or you could simply want to know how he works out the value of a property.

No question is off limits, so just leave us a comment with what you'd like to know and we'll aim to get them answered in the next issue.

Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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The role / title of estate agent is almost completely unregulated in the UK (accepting RICS and other offer voluntary accreditation), and given the all-to-often roll of the eyes and sigh when performance of the ‘profession’ arises in conversation - is it not well past the time that RICS seek adequate mandatory minimum standards in the industry. 

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Im a mortgage broker, and i'd like to know what can be done to help get advice on property suitability with lenders earlier in the process. At present the lender generally cannot confirm if a property will be suitable in advance, and our only option is to try a valuation. If thats unsuccesful its a roll of the dice as to which lender we should approach next.

Are their any options for quick consults similair to the way Colleys used to? What other ways could this huge inneficiency in the process be tackled better? Either through technology or through different processes?


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Hi Mark / James,

Few Qs from me please if I may?

  1. Do investor packs help the CS's job in terms of valuing the property? e.g. showing before/after photos, compiling local comparations.
  2. Valuations seem to be more on the 'cautious' side these days, which makes sense given the current pandemic and economic outlook. Is there any particular insight James can provide, or offer his opinion of the current property market and what to expect over the next year or so?
  3. Does the quality of fittings/appliances impact the value? e.g. do you value the same property differently if it had a premium, hand-made kitchen as opposed to a flat-pack kitchen from B&Q, or is a kitchen just a kitchen? 

Thank you!

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Blatant down valuations are a hot topic at the moment. House prices have boomed in the last 9 months with properties selling for close to asking price etc etc, but valuations have been some 20%+ down on market values. Having concrete comparables means nothing at the moment and it is infuriating like you wouldn't believe! 

I absolutely understand the nervousness around the short and mid term outlook in a post COVID world, but surely you cannot ignore the comparables? It makes much more sense to be consistent with valuations and not play Mystic Meg with your crystal ball.

If lenders are nervous just increase the minimum deposit threshold, this is a much fairer approach.

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