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Should I put my first BTL in my own name - or can I put it in my LTD Company?

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Hi everyone - I have decided to venture into property investment and I think I have all the information that any newbie would need ( hopefully ) however there is a grey area I need help with, I plan to buy my first BTL soon, but am unsure if I should purchase it ( cash ) in my own name or my Limited Companies name? my Limited Company is not property related in any way shape or form it is in services and manpower, so my question is should my BTL be put through my LTD Company? and can Ithis be done even though the LTD Company is not a property related business? 


Kind regards n advance - Darren.

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Hi Darren,

Best person to answer this is your accountant.  If you plan on buying a few a separate Ltd Company may be the best way forward.  Your personal earnings will also play a part, although as you say you are buying in cash opposed to a mortgage S24 will not apply to you.



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@adder1, what do you do?

I am a Freelance Quantity Surveyor and operate through a limited company. I understand that mortgage companies do not like lending to a 'non property' business, which will limit your options for the future. My plan is to have a holding company above my Surveying Company, and my new property company. I'll be a director of all three, with profits flowing from the Surveying company up to my holding company and loaned back to the property company. I'm yet to put this into practice, but 2021 will be the year. I do need to run all of this through my accountant though.

Good luck

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