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I'm back again, with my nerdy posts.

I'm looking to set up a limited company in the near future (a non property related one) and I just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of a book that talks you through how it's done? A bit of a step by step process...

Another interest of mine is emotional intelligence, could anyone recommend a good book on it?


Thank you

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I am sure there are some books that outline the process but for the most part setting up a limited company is fairly straight forward. You can use the .gov website to register online (They also offer a postal registration service) or you can use a formation agent or most accountants offer a service too.

You will just need to have details such as of directors/shareholders, what SIC code you intent to use initially and your company name.

I wrote a blog which is a step by step guide for setting up a property limited company, but most of it could also be applied to a trading company too.

Best of luck with the new company.





David M Slater ACMA 

Accufy Accounting  - Proactive accounting for property investors 

0208 242 4926    info@accufy.uk



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