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Landlord Advice Needed for Property in Germany

James Chandler

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Good evening all, 

We're in need of some advice managing a property in Germany. 

The property is actually my wife's family home, where she grew up, where her grandparents currently live and pay rent to a landlord who helped them out by purchasing the property from them, as they needed the money. 

We would like the house to stay in the family, so are looking to purchase it off of him, with the grandparents remaining in the house but paying us the rent instead.

So what we would like to know, is what legal requirements would we need to have in place? How would the tax work over there, if she lives here (she is german) ? ect

Just looking for some general advice on everything we need to arrange

Any help would be much appreciated! 

Many Thanks 

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i am currently looking into the exact same scenario. I want to purchase a property in Germany and want to rent it out to my parents and stay in London. 

I was either thinking of buying it in my name or via a limited company. The rent can be paid to you as a company but we will need to see how the taxation works post-Brexit. 
Usually you pay tax in the country you to business in but there could also be a dual taxation where both countries tax you. 

if you are an individual you may need to be registered in germany but I Am not too sure about that  

Please keep me informed if you find any other information or if things have changed. 

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