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Looking for a solicitor for personal guarantee

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Looking for recommendations for a cheap and quick service for director's personal guarantee form signage for our BTL purchase (through our SPV). We have done it before so we know what it entails. It seems that some solicitors really like to make this a huge thing and charge the earth but in reality it's a 30 min conversation (which we have been through before as mentioned) going through the major points of the mortgage and explaining/warning us on the risk of that mortgage etc.

Anyway, if anyone has a recommendation that would be much appreciated,


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I am just going through a remortgage with Lendinvest and there was an option to sign a waiver over legal advice for PG. This was a bonus as like you have paid for the same chat several times in the past.

No recommendation sorry in the past the solicitor dealing with the mortgage for me had one of their colleagues give this legal advice. 

Hopefully more lender offers the ability to waiver legal advice in the future.

David M Slater ACMA 
Accufy Accounting
01946 552801


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Ring around - I've been quoted all the way up to £600 however, I've never paid more than £30. Find a *general* solicitor not a specialist, not a conveyecy solicitor. 

they will also tell you there is a load of paperwork required. 


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