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Please sign my petition if you believe EPCs inaccurate

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If, like me, you believe EPCs are inaccurate and the raising the requirement for all rentals to achieve a C is impossible and unfair please sign my petition and forward it to anyone else who might sign it.

The requirement for all properties to achieve a C (going through consultation now) will leave many properties, especially those with electric heating, unable to be rented out and could devastate the PRS. I appreciate the need for energy efficiency, but the inability of the EPC to recognise the efficiency of modern electric radiators run on green electricity whilst favouring GCH which the Govt is banning is simply ridiculous and the EPC algorithm should recognise this.

My petition can be found here:



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couldn't agree more i recently had a EPC downrated/failed because i changed the old extremely non efficient heating system to the new Rointe electric heaters. Its madness, the company carrying out the test even said its daft but nothing they could do as when you tick the electric heater answer on the survey it scores less than the old system. 

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Landlordzone, another great forum, recently wrote an article about my petition. The story is here:


and the petition here:


Gaining an EPC C will be very difficult for many LLs, so I believe the process must be fairer. If you agree please sign my petition. 😀

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