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Baltic View, Liverpool Investors

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Are there any other  investors who have invested in this development on here ? I have purchased an apartment  and would be interested to connect with other investors to hear your thoughts on a number of items . I have a number of issues that I am looking to raise and would like to know if I am alone on this or if enough people are making a fuss about it something might actually get done.   If you would like to discuss this, please send me a private message with your email address so we can discuss initially via email . Perhaps if there are a few of us we can set up a private group on another platform to keep in touch going forward. I will reply to your email address  initially to request some non confidential detail from the purchase documents just  to confirm we are all actually  investors in the same position .

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from some of you  

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I invested in Baltic View.  I paid for a snagging report but didn't receive anything.  Unfortunately, as my mortgage offer was about to expire, I went ahead and completed in early December.

 I just asked Property Hub for a refund for the snagging report, to find out that it had been completed in mid November but wasn't sent to me.  I have just received it, and now see there is a lot of work and repairs that still need to be done.  If I had received the snagging report earlier, I would have delayed completion until the issues were fixed.

Does anyone know if there is any obligation for the developer to rectify the snags after completion?  

Where do I stand trying to get them to complete work having already accepted the property?

Does anyone else have a property in Baltic View which has been poorly finished?

I am already in contact with Chris (above). Any other Baltic View investors please get in touch. 





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It would be quite normal for the snagging to be done after completion and following taking possession of the property.

Usually the person doing the snagging report would contact the developer in order to get the items identified in the snagging report addressed. Is this not something Property Hub can do on your behalf? Normally there is a time limit within which snagging items must be reported, so it is worth checking what applies with the particular developer..




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Hi @mike moore

I've asked the PH care team for some guidance on this (if you've not picked things up directly with them, please do so - that's what they're there for).

The developer is still active on the site and are working their way through the snagging reports but please be aware that there are provisions in the contract for the developer to take up to a month after completion to finalise all snagging works.

@chris me - I’ve sent you a DM to chat further about the issues you’re having with Baltic View to see if I can help.

Earlier this week we also uploaded a new video showcasing the development, just in case you’re yet to see it;


Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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