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Sorry if its been asked before.

is there a navigation button/s on the podcast section so i can go to the first one without having to click on the "see all podcast" button over and over again. and then repeat once i have listened to the first one for the second etc.

Or even a way to search for Episode 1 in the search bar and so on and so forth?

or even a next podcast link once you have listened to one and want to listen to the next one in the series

Thanks in advance


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Hi Alex

If you're listening on Spotify, there's an option to 'Sort' the episodes. Once you click that, choose 'Oldest to Newest' and then that'll bring the episodes in your desired order.

If it's Apple Podcasts, click on the icon with three dots, then choose 'Settings'. Then choose 'Custom Settings', and change 'Episode Order' to 'Oldest to Newest', and that should get everything in order for you.

Let me know if these aren't relevant to you, and I'll let you know the way to edit the order on your preferred listening service :)

Mark Rocks
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