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Building my Network

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Hello investors, looking to build my network with fellow, like minded Liverpool Investors from both within and outside the City. I am new to Investing with two BTL's in Garston L19, i aim to keep growing my portfolio year on year.

I am quite transparent and willing to share my experiences, mistakes and knowledge to anyone who is in a similar position. Plus my friends don't talk to me about property because its

I look forward to some potentially interesting conversations. 






boring (their words, not mine). 


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Hi Michael

Great to have you on the forum - you'll definitely get a warmer reception here than with your friends when it comes to property chat, ha!

With regards to growing your portfolio, the Robs covered this in a recent podcast episode; https://propertyhub.net/podcast/winning-mindset-to-portfolio-growth/

In it, they chat with another Hubber who grew a double digit portfolio in just five years. You'll definitely get some useful insights from this episode :)


Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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15 hours ago, N Holman said:

Hi Michael, 

I to invest I Liverpool and North Manchester and would love to chat about my experiences in property. 

Maybe we could meet up when it’s safe to do so and you could buy me a coffee...? 😉






Neil, will be great to meet up. feel free to drop me a line on michael.a.heyes@googlemail.com 


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