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What to do with plot of land?!

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I have a decent sized plot of land at the back of an end terraced house I renovated/let out. There is a break in the curtilage of the property (there’s a narrow path, giving access to the neighbour’s back garden between the end of my garden/plot).
Currently there is a run-down outbuilding on the site. It’s approximately 50 metre squared. I tried for planning permission for a one bed bungalow, but it was refused. I don’t know what to do with it! I had considered building a solid structure to then let it out as office/studio space, but have been told I’d need planning which I’m unlikely to get for commercial.
Any ideas of what I can do with the land??!

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You don't say why the bungalow was refused consent - size? Is the land zoned for residential development - if not you may need to seek a change of use before submitted for residential consent. You also say you're unlikely to get consent for commercial so it sounds like the land may be industrial or agricultural. It's not impossible to get consent to build on these sites but it does require a more sensitive approach. 

If you can gain consent to develop of the land then you may not need to build it yourself. Land with consents are much more valuable and can be sold as such.

Which part of the country are you in? 


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I am a planning consultant - happy to take an initial look at the site and give some advice on what you could do with it. Planning can be tricky, and there may be some changes that you can make to the original proposal for residential that make it much more attractive to the Council, but would have to see the site and previous application to know for sure!

Feel free to email/call me, my details are below:





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