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Which one is your first BTL choice? Retirement properties or flats targeting young professionals?

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I am embarking on my property portfolio and personally think a flat is a more conservative option than a house. Don't want to start with anything complex like flip, HMS and etc. Just a simple vanilla let. So I have come across these two options:

1- A flat in a premium location (next to train station or town centres) targeting young professionals or a mature or PhD student.

2- A flat on a more suburb or smaller town targeting retired people.

Obviously the first one offers better yield but less stable tenants. And the second one probably gives a longer term tenant with probably discounted rate (some of them might be on disability benefit).

For me at the moment, building solid cash flow and being able to re-mortgage the property is my number one priority. So I am slightly siding with number 2 strategy. 

What's your though on this? If you have experience managing any one them please share. 

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Hi Paul,

My personal take is to go with option 1. We're in a temporary phase at the moment in the market but the demand for well positioned flats will never lose steam. The convenience of such properties is just too much to ignore for a potential tenant.



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