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Are we not eligible for FTB bonuses if my husband inherited a family property abroad?

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Hi Members!

I am seeking advice regarding first time buyers bonuses, i.e. lower stamp duty, eligibility for buying schemes.

My husband and I are looking to buy our first property in London. I do not own and have never owned any properties in the UK or abroad, but my husband has inherited a house in Italy from his father. His mother lives in the house in Italy, and we are renting a flat in London.  The house in Italy has never been rented, my husband also does not / have never paid any mortgages for this or other houses.

Does that still mean we are not eligible for any buying schemes in London (i.e. help to buy scheme)? Does that also mean we need to check mortgages and stamp duty as if we are buying a second home?

Thank you very much in advance!


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Help to buy incentives only apply if neither you or your husband has owned a property before. That existing property can be in the UK or abroad, so in your case you won't be eligible. 

With regards to the stamp duty 3% surcharge, you won't need to pay this. If you are living in the property you buy, it will be classified as your 'main home'. Your main home pays the normal rate of stamp duty and you pay no CGT upon sale of property 


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