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2 Bed Flat Refurb

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Hi all,

I am looking to try my hand at my first BRR and i am just looking for a bit of advice on what costs to expect.

I am thinking of purchasing a 2 bed first floor flat just outside of Newcastle. The work that will need done is.

New bathroom suite 

New kitchen 

New boiler 

Plastering throughout the flat 


New carpets 

Decorating throughout 

I understand this is not a lot of information to work with and there are a lot of other variables, but i am just looking for a rough guide of what the costs for each of these could be?

Has anyone done a refurb similar to this? I am looking to achieve this at a cost under £10,000. Is this achievable? I look forward to any advice anyone can give.





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It rather depends on what you are planning to do yourself and what standard fittings you plan to use. Assuming you need trades for most I would hazard a guess at:

1. New Bathroom £1500-£2500

2. New kitchen -  £1500-£2500

3. New boiler - £1000-£1500

4. Plastering - £1000-£1500

5. Rewire - £1000 (don't forget your EICR)

6. Carpets - £750 - £1500 

7. Decorating - £250. if you do it yourself

You could spend a lot more and there will be things you have not thought of that become apparent as you go through the process. You could get it done for £10,000 but paying a bit more for better quality fittings might be worthwhile. I am about to start on a 2 bed 1970s terrace with a similar refurb (no plastering) and I am expecting between £10k & £15k.

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Julia's answer was pretty good. I would add a couple of things

- I think the kitchen might go above £2,500, once you buy your appliances

- Flooring starts at £5 per metre for laminate or vinyl






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Thanks for the advice. I have a builder coming to have a look at the property on Monday and to give a quote. He did mention similar costs as your selfs via email.



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