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Those Sceptical of Investing in Unknown Areas...

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FAO those who always see areas of high rental returns but never know how to go about it… those sceptical about investing in the unknown (area’s that they cannot see from their doorstep, and hassle-free competitive maintenance from letting agents) An all in one; ability to source, ability to view properties, ties with mortgage advisors/solicitors/estate agents and letting agent and provide tailor made reports to outline exactly how my model works.

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Good morning,

I am purchasing property and renting them each month. There's enough supply for those that want in. I can provide a service to source these properties for people that would like high returns and do not want much to do with the properties as such (except receive the rent). Introduce them to a team to manage (estate agents/mortgage advisors and letting agents) the property effectively and get their 10-15% roi.

I can present a report to any potential investors for a minimal cost that will consist of photography from viewing, seeing if works needs completed, provide an estimate on costing at the best local rate, incorporate all solicitor fees, introduction to my mortgage advisor and letting agents. Produce sold prices, local knowledge, realistic rental figures, clientele, service charges, buildings insurance broker and info on landlord registration. The introduction to the letting agents is the biggest selling point, because they're incredibly reasonable with all maintenance with minimal monthly percentage.

This model is working for me, so that I could share my idea and knowledge with people. For people that aren't local, it would be so difficult to understand the marketing different regions. The difference in supply and demand in different areas, realistic rental (based on my portfolio - not just numbers plucked from thin air) and all the knowledge needed to understand legislation (in Scotland) as this is different to English law. Having local tradesman whom are not only reasonable but offer a great service, available for all aspects of maintenance would also be a benefit to get the property earning as soon as possible.

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