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change of use and planning

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Hi I have a little unique planning advise senario I ned help with.


right here goes  I am planning to buy a chunk of land that is classed now as equestrian use. at one end of the land is the river medway.  I believe I have riparian right over the river out by a certain amount.


I do at the moment live on a big boat on a marina but will want to moor my boat as residential at the bottom of the land that edges the river.


I have been instructed by the river managers that all I need is a works order to build a jetty to safety board my boat and they are happy for us to be there.

But the council are saying I need to do a change of use to be able to be residential and to then get an address created. which I understand.  but the land I want for my horse so once I turn in into residential land how do I legally have my horses on the land  does it then become my garden so I presume I then get rights as a domestic stables.  I would then want to put in planning to build a stable block and couple of field shelters. my confusion is if I turn the land into residential so I can live on my boat ont he river alongside the land and have an address created how o I turn the land back into equestrian use for my horses. or does this then just become my back garden?


Any help would be most appreciated.

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This looks like quite a complicated situation unfortunately! From what you have said, you may be able to apply for planning permission for the change of use of a portion of the land next to the river to moor the boat permanently, leaving the remainder of the land you would own in its current use as equestrian, although it may depend on whether the equestrian use would be private or commercial in nature. You would then obviously need to apply for permission for the stable block and other structures as well.

I would suggest that you go for a pre-application planning meeting with the Council before you purchase the land, timescales permitting, so that you can get an idea of:

  1. Is this something that will likely be acceptable in planning terms
  2. If it is acceptable, what the best way to go about securing the required permissions would be

It may also be worth employing a planning consultant, depending on your budget. I would be more than happy to have an initial look at the site etc for you in the first instance, so feel free to send over some additional details or give me a call:




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