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Dear All,

This seems to be a really helpful forum. I was wondering if anyone could advise which specialist companies allow you to have multiple BTL mortgages with them. I know The Mortgage Works (TMW) do, but they also have a cap and relatively high rates. I am wondering which alternative avenues to explore and if anyone had much experience with any other (specifically) specialist lending companies to accommodate further purchases. Many thanks for your time.


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Hi Aneil,


Your best bet is to use a broker as they understand the market and what the requirements of different lenders are and therefore if you are likely to be accepted with multiple lending. I would recommend that you use a "whole market" broker who is not tied to just a few lenders as they are able to offer the best advice and widest selection of products.


In my experience BMS (Birmingham Midshires) and Virgin Money (formally Northern Rock) allow multiple applications and multiple BTL mortgages, I am sure others here will be able to provide additions to this list.



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