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Refurb project manager

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I live in London and will be doing 2-3 BRRR projects in Manchester and/or Liverpool over the next 2 years. I intend to drive up and site visit every 7-10 days, but want someone nearby to oversee every couple of days and feedback to me, as I'll be working with a new contractor (at least on the first property in each city).

I feel that even with the additional cost it is preferable to leaving a new contractor to their own devices for a week or two between check-ins (no disrespect to the amazing people in construction out there)

Is their a job title for this type of thing? And any advice on finding such a person, qualifications, contract, cost etc is very much appreciated

Thanks to everyone for their generous input on this forum



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Great question you raised. I also am thinking to turning a 3 bed terrace house to a 5 bed HMO. The property already has an extension and we are thinking to use the loft as well. How much is ideal to pay for a refurb project manager to take the property from the sale point to make it ready for tenant? What's a fair quote?

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Hi Adam, 

My auntie does flips on properties for herself and has recently started project managing for other members of my family and some friends. She's brilliant at what she does. She is based in Liverpool but has recently done a property for my family in Manchester so I imagine she'd be agreeable to either city if you'd like me to put you in touch with her? 




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