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Refurb estimate

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Hi team
Thanks as always for your generous input

Could you give me a rough estimate on a refurb for a 3-bed terrace house in Manchester please? To make fit for purpose, not high end 
Something like the below:


I appreciate it'd be very much a ballpark figure but anything to give me an idea of the refurb cost is much appreciated 


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Here are some examples of the cost* of a few jobs that might need doing:

  • Repoint external brickwork £4k
  • New gutters, facia boards, a few slates and some flashing on the roof £4.5k
  • Remove chimney from roof £2k (but not inside)
  • New budget kitchen £5k to £10k
  • New electrical consumer unit £500
  • Double glazing front and back £6k
  • New composite front door £1k
  • Carpet £200 per room
  • Paint whole house inside £2k
  • New boiler that requires new mains gas pipe in and the replacement of a few radiators £4.5k
  • New internal doors and frames with fitting £300 to £500 each
  • New budget bathroom £2.5k
  • Total rewire ?
  • Back to brick level finish ?
  • New roof ?
  • Damp treatments ?


*these costs are just in my humble experience and many factors can effect exact costs.

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A difficult thing to judge is the walls. Old lath and plaster walls tend to fall apart if you dare strip the wall paper off them. The range of what might need doing goes from hardly anything to wall paper strip, just a skim or they might fall apart when you take the wall paper off so end up needing to reboard and replaster.......perhaps you'll get away with dot and dab replacement or perhaps you'll need to go back to brick.

Also if they have been damp then the salts are in the plaster then sometimes even with all the stain cover paint in the world it wont go away. So same problem as above again.

£%$*ing about with walls seems to be how half your times spent if you do a lot yourself.

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