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Lodger vs. shorthold tenancy for short term let

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Hi all,

I currently own a 2 bedroom flat and live in it with a lodger. However I'm going to stay with my parents for the next 4-5 month and I'd like to rent my room out to someone on a short-term basis during this period. I was wondering whether:

a). I would have to change my current lodger's agreement to a tenancy agreement as I would not be living in the flat with her for those 4-5 months

b). Whether the person renting out my room would need a tenancy agreement or a lodger's agreement

I would still consider this property my full-time residence as I'm only leaving it for 4-5 months and would still pay all the council tax on it.

Please let me know if anyone has any insight!


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If you are not living there the lodgers become tenants so they would be on a deemed AST whatever paperwork you gave them. The new tenant would also have to have a minimum term of 6 mnths & may not leave when you want them too!

You could leave your lodger in place and not rent your room - keeping it and visiting occasionally should be enough to keep your lodger as a lodger.

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