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High ceiling - Loft bed?

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I've been looking at a Victorian property with 2.7m high rooms. When i was a student, i rented a room with a high ceiling which had a double loft bed. It had a desk/wardrobe below and a simple ladder/series of stairs up to the bed. As a student i loved it. The room looked like the attachment below which is a current picture of the house next door and the bed was in the left hand corner as you look at the photo. As you can see the room was already big and with the loft bed it created even more usable space within the room as a whole.

So it got me thinking, is 2.7m enough and has anyone done this recently and can i do similar in my own rental property or are there building regs / H&S reasons / other that would make this impossible? Ideas of using the space below (in addition to my student setup) include: an ensuite, wardrobe/storage, sofa space, a kitchenette on the end. 

Grateful for any thoughts... 


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