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Would you reccomend Ramsey and white finance brokers


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I dont think you can really judge based on a few anecdotes. Firstly, its very unlikely more than a few people on the forum will have used them, there are about 15,000 brokers in the UK and BTL purchases accounts for less than 1% of the mortgage balances going through.

Here's how i'd filter:

  • How are they authorised by the FCA? Look at the bottom of their website, there has to be a statement about the FCA, and an FCA number. You can double check this here. You are either directly authorised, like me, where you answer directly to the FCA, or you are an Appointed Representative, like Ramsey & White where a 'network', in this case NewLeaf who have a good reputation, manage your compliance. You will find AR's much closer regulated than DA's. (There are other advantages to using a DA broker, but outside the scope of "is this company legit and trustworthy)
  • Do they have social media or trustpilot reviews? These are hard to build, only about 1:10 of my clients respond to requests to write a review (How many times do you click that amazon email to review something even if you are really happy?). If they have a great number, and they are all positive then thats a great sign. In this case tesimonials, i checked a couple of names on companies house and they are all real. I like LinkedIn for these because its easy to tie to real people
  • Look at the fee's - Are they reasonable. No point starting with someone who wants a £1000 upfront for a simple case. If the fees are way out of the standard range (£250 - £500ish). Here is £500, not the cheapest, but not unreasonable these days.
  • Call them and see. Do they educate you, do they ask questions you might not have thought to ask, do they ask tough questions (A good broker isnt desperate for business and should be seeing if your story stacks up or if your source of wealth seems legit)

So no, nothing about Ramsey and White suggests they are not reputable. I have no idea if the person you end up speaking to will be good though, thats pretty subjective.

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