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New to BTL - Capital Growth focused - questions

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Hello fellow investors,

I am new to BTL (but have done 6 months of very solid research and am ready to invest!). I am interested mainly in Capital Growth (with positive cashflow of course...). Interested in simple BTL as I do not have time for HMO or short lets.

I am planning on investing (via Ltd) in Sheffield and/or Leeds area but am based in London. I am also personally buying property in Poland (for yield and also for tax reasons)

Currently I work in London and my work brings me to Sheffield quite often and I know that city.

In the future I want to build Capital Growth focused simple BTL portfolio of between 5 and 10 houses in the UK and 2-3 properties in Poland (I have a dual citizenship and know both markets well)

I am strong with analysis, numbers, money raising and research.

Happy to speak to anyone who is also looking at Sheffield / Leeds investment to exchange ideas or even work together.

kind regards,

Michal H.

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