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Tenancy agreement - additional clauses re smoking, drugs, keys, children, cleaning

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Without causing some kind of discrimination issue(!), is it ok to specify the following additional clauses in a tenancy agreement:

  • No smoking is allowed within the building given the fire risk this creates.
  • Tenants suspected of taking illegal drugs will be asked to leave at the earliest opportunity as well as the police being informed. 
  • The Landlord must hold a working key for your flat and a copy key must be stored in the combination lock within the building e.g. to allow access should you lose your key or for approved tradesman access when required.
  • Children are not allowed in the building.
  • Tenants must have their flat professionally cleaned before leaving.
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All the clauses seem reasonable to me apart from the children one.

So if one of your tenants get pregnant you’re going to evict them as they arrive home with their new baby? I’m not sure being a landlord is the right road for you to go down. You do know they say it’s more a people business than a property business?

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You will arguably be affecting quiet/peaceful enjoyment which would negate the term.  

Beyond that, if they aren’t enforceable what does it matter. The cleaner may be professional and entirely incompetent potentially causing damage which the tenant defends as ‘you told us to do it’; suspected of taking drugs... suspected by who, with what evidence, or what expertise, and you open yourself up to dispute and overstepping your rights. You endorse the key holding, the tenant claims theft and seeks compensation as they used the key you left.  Children... you prevent their quiet/peaceful enjoyment. 

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