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Instagram vs reality...

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The next instalment of 'Any Other Business' is out now, and the Robs are breaking down the facade behind those Instagram entrepreneurs we've all seen;

It's a no holds barred look at what it's really like to be a successful entrepreneur, as well as the truth behind social media boasting that's been becoming more and more popular.

Give it a watch and let us know what you think :) 

Mark Rocks
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I'm happy someone finally talked about this. I think that people misunderstand reality with what "influencers"  try to imply. Our society is messed up. They think that a girl in bikini who was lucky to earn some money is doing better than a modest millionaire who doesn't show it. This "influencer" hunger is getting pretty sick. What are people thinking? Getting some instagram views will make their life better? Anyways, we live in a screwed up society, there's nothing we can do at the moment. It was fun watching your video! Looking forward to more content of such kind. :)

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Hello! Not to be mean, but I don't think it's that accurate. Maybe that's the reason no one writes anything here. I like the quality of the video tho! What camera do you use?

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