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Solid wall insulation???

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Hi guys, 

I’m new on here, just bought my first house a year ago & I’m eligible for the ‘green house grant’. The front elevation of my property is stone (cottage look) the rear is brick. Just before I make a decision on the solid wall insulation. Could anybody provide advice on solid wall insulation? The pros & cons? & most importantly would it add/decrease value of the property? The property is not in a conservation area 

kind regards 

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I believe, if done properly, it will make a significant improvement to the insulation of your property, reducing heating bills and improving your EPC. It will also probably improve the appearance of the rear of the house. I probably wouldn’t do the front which would spoil the character and might require planning permission. Under the grant it is pretty affordable.

The downside would be done badly it might cause problems with damp so try to use a reputable installer.

As to adding value, I don’t think it will at the moment but it might make it more saleable if the rear is more attractive, and in the future I believe it will become more important, particularly in a rental which will need to achieve an EPC C by 2025 under current plans.

Bear in mind it will be harder to do things like replace windows once it is one, so maybe do that first if necessary. There may also be problems if anyone tries to hang things on it!

I am having 3 Victorian Terraces done this year, at the rear only, under the Green Homes Grant. I would definitely get a quote and ask these questions of your installer.

Good luck 😀

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