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Maps for keeping track of my portfolio

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Hi all, 

I currently have a small but growing portfolio of 11 properties in Staffordshire, number 12 should complete next week and had an offer accepted on number 13 last week.

As most are in the same town it would be great to have a map with them all on, just to keep track of where they are trends etc.

But doing it digitally via apple or google maps would make more sense.

Does anyone have any knowledge of doing this already, or is there something better suited?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi @skippie

There's been a few discussions about the best property management apps and programs on the forum over the years. The below apps appear to be the most popular for our Hubbers, and allow you to manage all the properties in your portfolio at a glance;


Landlord Vision


We've also recently written about Proptech that could change the face of the Property Industry in 2021, which features a couple of different apps designed to make landlords lives easier that might be of interest.



Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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