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Landlord Boiler cover West Yorks

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I'd agree with Julia, just had a very bad experience with 247 Home Rescue, after taking £18 per month from me for a number of years I finally needed assistance, long story short engineer attended for 2 mins, left young family with no hot water or heating. Company called me the next day trying to sell me a new boiler. Apparently my boiler has depreciated and is now only worth £120 and they will only cover repairs upto 80% of that value!!! No I am not joking, they have been taking £18 per month and a £75 fee whilst only covering a repair of approx £90 max. Surprisingly enough they didn't tell me this at any stage and its not visible in the documentation, I suspect it may be buried in the small print somewhere although I havent been able to check and they've cut me off twice when I queried it. Waiting for a call back from a supervisor now, I wont hold my breath. Should be illegal. Tenant still has no heat or hot water, having to send a proper plumber out to fix it.

Avoid 247 Home Rescue.

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