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Electrical Safety Standard - Clarity on 5 year rule

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Hi all,

for those familiar with this new legislation can you confirm in the below example whether another test would be due:

New tenant arrives in Sep 2021, electrical certificate done.

tenant leaves 3 months later in Nov 2021 and new tenant arrives in Dec 2021.

My understanding looking at the rules is a new test would need to be carried out even though one was done 4 months earlier.

Has anyone had the test done yet, and if so, what was the cost? I am getting quotes between £200-£300 for a standard 3 bedroom house, albeit it is in the South East.



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I'm paying £120 per test in Yorkshire, so far 3 properties AOK, one property required some RCBO's which cost ~£100, the other needs a lighting circuit rewire just after we refurbed:angry:, still have a few to do, crossing fingers:)

As per other comments needs doing once every 5 years, all properties regardless of whether its  a new tenancy need doing by 1st April 2021, some busy electricians about!

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It should be every 5 years and shouldn't need to redo for new tenant. But be careful, you need to check what your actual certificate says... some electricians are putting on their certificates 5 years or with change of tanancy, which means you would need a new one for change of tenancy. In which case you would need a new one. Advice is to change electrician.


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