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Nottingham-advice on where to invest

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Hi All, 

Interested in purchasing a buy to let in Nottingham. We live fairly close but do not know the area at all. We have done some research of areas to avoid but also appreciate some of these properties will produce higher yields. 

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations of best areas to invest in Nottingham? Looking at a single let for this investment so professionals, couples, families but looking at keeping the property price around the 120k mark with any refurb and additional costs on top of this. 

Thank you in advance :) 


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Hi @cassandracook

Thanks so much for your message, and it's great to have you on the forum!

Nottingham has been a popular location for investment discussions on the forum - if you take a look at this thread from last Summer, a few of our Hubbers have pulled out specific areas which would be great to invest in; https://propertyhub.net/forum/topic/14802-nottingham-newbie/?tab=comments#comment-54710



Mark Rocks
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Just replied to James on his thread in 'Hello from the Midlands' about this so check that out. Got to say £120k is quite low and will put many areas out of reach. Market has been frantic over the last year, especially for properties that are ready to go. Its an example, 've just paid £130k for a 1970s 3 bed in Mapperley that needs a £12k refurb.

Good luck :)

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So Cass do you want to give us an update on your plans in case those of us already investing in Nottingham can help further?


The Nottingham Meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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I am also looking into property investiment in Nottingham. Ideally 2-3 beds houses that require refurb. Anyone could contact me if you got some properties available. Thanks

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