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Blocked gutters need replacing, wet timber - how serious is this?

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I am purchasing a house that has been empty for 5 years and has blocked guttters that need replacing. The timber fascias are wet and the end of the roof rafters are rotten. This is what I have learnt from the building survey. But what I don't know is the extent of the damage and how much it will cost to fix it. It's hard to get access to the property to get quotes because I am far away.

Has anybody had experience of this, and how bad is it likely to be?

Does it cost a lot of money to replace all the timbers?

The house appeared to be ready for tenants to move in, with a nice kitchen and bathroom. I expected it to need a bit of redecoration and maintenance - maybe £5000 or so? Is this a reasonable estimate for an old terraced house?


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Hi @amariino

We've had a few Hubbers discuss estimated costs for refurbishments before, including an estimate for "New gutters, facia boards, a few slates and some flashing on the roof". If you take a look here, you can see roughly how much other members believe it would cost to replace these; 


Mark Rocks
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I have just had a quote for £1900 to replace the facias and soffetts with plastic on my home, this is for a large end terrace, £680 of that is for scaffold because it is an unusual shape and three storey. To repair/ replace timber where required and remove rubbish. As I said mine is a bit complex with it also having 3 windows with an apex to do as well. If your job is more straightforward I would expect it to be significantly less, we are in North Staffordshire so your location my be comparable, there are plenty of people out there offering these services so shop around. Regards Alex

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