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How to put money into my ltd company

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I own properties in my personal name but never through a ltd company before. I'm planning on buying my next property through a ltd company which I've already setup.

I've been putting in offers as a cash buyer so I want to be ready to act quickly when one gets accepted.

The part I'm not sure about is buying through the ltd co but with money that is in my personal bank accounts right now.

What do I need to do in order to turn my personal money into the company's money, if anything?

Do I need to open a bank account in the company name and have the money in that account ready?

I've heard of a directors loan and kind of know what it is but don't know if that is an option/the best option/the only option.

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Hi Max, you should open a company bank account (Starling Bank is free of fees) and then you can lend the money into the company prior to putting the deposit down (recording as a directors loan). This is the route most trodden. Subscribing for more shares in an investment company is not very flexible and probably not worth even thinking about. 

I’d suggest getting the bank account open soon as it can take some time especially for a company with no track record.

good luck!





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4 hours ago, taxantics said:

lend the money into the company prior to putting the deposit down (recording as a directors loan)

This is the most common route we see landlords using.

Starling Bank is great, but I do prefer Revolut.

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