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Self-managing; what is the best site to advertise and manage tenant search on?

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I have been recommended "Letting a Property", but wanted to see if anybody else can recommend an alternative.

I'm going to self-manage my first BTL. And want to know the best site to advertise on the major property search sites, and also manage the tenant search.

So dealing with applications/referencing/credit checks etc.

If there are any resources or another thread to direct me to, that would be most appreciative :) 

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Hi @max_barrow

Great to have you on the forum!

When it comes to self-managing your properties, there's been an amazing thread that covers this previously, which has some great tips and advice; https://propertyhub.net/forum/topic/8733-letting-agent-or-do-it-myself/?tab=comments#comment-35423

Rob Dix has also written a detailed article about this on his Property Geek website, which I'd recommend reading as well; https://www.propertygeek.net/article/self-manage-buy-to-let/




Mark Rocks
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I've just used openrent for my first BTL and the process was simple. They took my property down less than 48 hours after it went live after I had 106 viewing requests, I could not believe it. It cost me the grand total of £49, then £20 per tenant to reference. 

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Thanks for the info team.

I went with OpenRent in the end, they put the ad up on RightMove and Zoopla for free for 48hrs. I managed to get a couple of viewings on that first day, and promptly agreed to let it out to one of them. So it didn't cost me a thing! I also did the referencing myself, so I'm quids in. Would recommend OpenRent if anybody else is in a similar situation. 

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