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Tenant wants to end tenancy early

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I have a tenancy agreement until June on my property. I currently receive £1,650 for the property, it is let through a letting agent. The tenants have just requested to leave the property in April. They have been refusing to do a virtual inspection, so I have no idea what state the property is in.

The letting agent has said it is best to try and come to a compromise with the tenants as it will go to a small claims court if they leave without permission. 

The letting agent has suggested letting them end the tenancy early but making them pay the reletting fee. The issue with this is I'm going to take the property back and self manage it. So there won't be a reletting fee as such, I will be using openrent which is only £49 anyway. Would you ask for compensation in another way? One months extra rent and you can go for example?  

I'm just after some advice really, I've never had this situation before. I'm obviously going to end up out of pocket as there is now going to be a void period once the tenants leave, I will probably need to redecorate and have a month with no rent coming in etc.

Can this get messy if we do refuse to let them leave? For example they reported a garage door fault last year which we haven't sorted, but there was a contractor due to go out this week. Could they use that against us in a small claims court? 


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